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Thomas Blonde

Thomas Blonde Travel Buddy Candle

Thomas Blonde Travel Buddy Candle

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Never be without your favorite scent when you have your Thomas Blonde Travel Buddy candle. Bring the sumptuous scents of Blonde, Joshua Tree, and Canyon wherever you go. The candles are all-natural, soy wax blend candles. They are created without dyes and irritants. Hand-poured and hand scented in small batches, our candles also feature non-GMO and USA grown wax with a lead and nickel-free wick.

Blonde Scent Notes: The signature candle features a combination of cool citrus notes and musk undertones, paired with black pepper cardamom. 

Canyon Scent Notes: Canyon will take you on a journey winding through a deep canyon, smelling the fresh bergamot alongside the tall heirloom mahogany trees with subtle hints of soft musk that drift you into this intoxicating aroma.

Joshua Tree Notes: Joshua Tree will have you falling in love over and over with its luxurious captivating scents of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and amber wood. The result is something so glorious you'll want to bask in it all your life.

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